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UPDATE! 1. New Site Banner 2. Navbar Updgraded 3. Effects added to avatar pictures and navbar (hover effects). 4. Blogs initiated (shop to buy your own) 5. More to come, keep on the lookout
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 REF Hall of Fame

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PostSubject: REF Hall of Fame   11/28/2012, 21:24

This thread is to commemorate the lasting members who have followed REF for a number of years (since its opening). Member who have started from a simple register click to becoming trusted members, to moderators to finally become REF Seniors (Gold Status). In honoring these hard working, trusting and unflinching loyalty of these members, they are to be bestowed in this thread as a sign of thankfulness and appreciation, not only for their hard work and determination to make REF strive, but to also ensure the happiness of members, those around them and the greater good of REF. From all of us at REF we like to thank the following, who have made it into our Hall of Fame, for their grateful deeds and helping hands. A round of applause please

From left to right: Fiction (Bryan), Roach (Austin), Dumbledore (Boy Genius)

Fiction is Radiant Eclipse Forums, without his actions and determination of creating forums for people like us to come together and generally enjoy a strangers company to gain new friends and have fun over the internet. He provided the forum that people come together and join in something other than just plain forum based talk, he provided us with music, interesting topics and people to have them with. Bryan has had two years of long service of trouble with the REEF community, hacks and overall destruction of his site. Despite those actions, Bryan remade REF over and over again, and made it all possible for us to all come together again, as friends should. As a uniter, a leader and friend to us all, Bryan has reserved his spot in the REF Hall of Fame forever as our Founder.

Roach (formally known as Trauma) has been a member of Radiant Eclipse Forums ever since it's opening debut in 2010. Starting as a simple member, Roach was brought over from Advertising Field (little fact: REF's first ever affiliate) by other REF Hall of Famer; Dumbledore. In his arrival Trauma was dedicated to helping out Dumbledore and Fiction all together in making the perfect teen social forum. Roach worked his was from a Graphic Designer, to a Moderator, then proving worthy enough became a Super Moderator. Roach was never granted Administrator status until the opening of the third installmenet of REF, as to where he made his Senior status, serving the forum for two years and making the best of everyday. Many of the images you see on the forum are actually designed by Roach himself. To all his hard work and yearly service, he is bestowed Hall of Fame status. Thank you Roach
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REF Hall of Fame

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