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 The Walking Dead

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PostSubject: The Walking Dead   11/15/2012, 01:45

So I've played The Walking Dead demo for the 360, and from what I can say is that it is REALLY good. It has like the classic comic book texture. It's also one of those games where you have options on what you want to do; for example, You play as Lee (If I remember correctly.) and he starts out falling on his back trying to get away from the wave of zombies behind a wooden fence, when luckily random gunshots are heard. This distracts the zombies into following the gunshots, leaving you safe... For now. As he stands up, you see his leg injured, not sure if it was from a zombie though. Then you open the glass sliding door and check if anybody is home. You see a puddle of blood on the kitchen floor as you immediately walk in what seems like an abandoned home, as you walk towards the drawers in the kitchen you slip on the blood, which I thought was a neat touch, pretty realistic if you ask me. Now after looking through all the drawers you find a walkie-talkie. You take it with you and hear the answering machine on the phone beep. As you walk over there to listen to the messages, the walkie-talkie goes off and you hear a little girls voice, from there you get to choose if you want to stay quiet, ask who it is, if she's okay and what her name is. Later on she opens the door just as you get ambushed by a zombie and she hands you a hammer. You then have to use the right analog stick to aim the cursor at the zombie's head and push down on the D-pad to smash the hammer into the head. After you kill the zombie you go outside to the streets and help to men clear the road and get their truck unblocked, but all this happens when 4 or more zombies are running towards you, once you quickly get in the truck, the guys hit the gas and head to a farm where the demo ends.

While I was playing this, I didn't find any flaw, and this is just a demo. I'm sure the majority of you love the series, The Walking Dead. So why not give the demo a try? It's absolutely amazing!

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PostSubject: Re: The Walking Dead   11/15/2012, 02:01

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The Walking Dead

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